Something happened to baby registries.

In a relatively short amount of time, I've seen how the baby registry industry has evolved. Today, large retailers bombard us with endless product options, accompanied by aggressive marketing tactics shouting "BUY MORE STUFF!"

But amidst the noise and overwhelm, there's a plea for less.

Engage in a quiet conversation with any seasoned parent, and you'll hear tales of registry regret—tales of useless gadgets that missed their return window, feedback from parents who wished for practical support instead of another onesie, and wishes for a more straightforward way for their friends and family to shop their registry.

I guarantee they'd love a registry re-do.

Enter Poppylist — the most flexible baby registry for parents who want the right stuff, not more stuff. Remember the days when decisions were made confidently, without external influence? It's time to revisit that era.

Poppylist is a baby registry platform similar to Babylist, but simpler and without the complexity for you or your gift-givers.

Poppylist is the only baby registry that allows you to:

  • • Add items from any store
  • • Control the timing and destination of your gifts
  • • Easily exchange gifts for gift cards, because priorities evolve
  • • Facilitate group gifting with friends
  • • Add funds for the things that really matter (like preserving your sanity)
  • • Manage thank you notes effortlessly

All in one baby registry. One.

My journey into parenthood began with the size of a poppy seed, and five years later, my daughter continues to inspire me to create something truly unique. While I can't promise your journey into parenthood will be perfect, I can assure you of one thing: with Poppylist, registry regrets will be a thing of the past.

Ready to prepare better for parenthood? Start your Poppylist baby registry today.

Warmly, Sarah Hollingsworth
Founder, Poppylist
[email protected]

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